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An R Wrapper for SauceLabs REST API


RSauceLabs is an R Wrapper for SauceLabs REST API.


To install the current developement version of RSauceLabs run:


Getting started

The SauceLabs API requires an authenticated user for most API calls. RSauceLabs provides an account function which returns an authentication profile which other functions in the package utilise:

SLAccount <- account()
> SLAccount
Sauce Labs Account:
SauceLabs username: seleniumPipes

By default the function looks for the username and password for SauceLabs authentication as environment variables “SLUSER” and “SLPASS” respectively. Using the account credentials other functions can be called:

myJobs <- getJobs(SLAccount, limit = 2, getFullJobs = TRUE)
> myJobs$data
   browser_short_version                                                             video_url
1:                    27
2:                    48
   creation_time browser_version         owner                               id record_screenshots
1:    1474738526           27.0. seleniumPipes 8b06fed2992d4c6781b947f59ae1a58e               TRUE
2:    1474738526    48.0.2564.97 seleniumPipes 144641aa1c594dcab6680f3e69103b15               TRUE
   record_video build passed public   end_time   status
1:         TRUE    NA   TRUE public 1474738551 complete
2:         TRUE    NA  FALSE public 1474738541 complete
                                                                           log_url start_time
1: 1474738526
2: 1474738526
   proxied modification_time          name commands_not_successful consolidated_status
1:   FALSE        1474738551 jasmine tests                       2              passed
2:   FALSE        1474738541 jasmine tests                       1              failed
   assigned_tunnel_id error           os breakpointed      browser
1:                 NA    NA Windows 2008           NA      firefox
2:                 NA    NA        Linux           NA googlechrome